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Business Model

One-Stop-Solutions that only an “engineering trading company” can offer

Batteries are a lifeline for the age and are a crucial component for the ubiquitous systems and infrastructures to be built in the future. Our company can develop and provide multi-perspective solutions in one-stop forms to respond to the diverse needs of customers.

Sometimes, for example, customers who order battery packs place concurrent orders for dedicated chargers, auxiliary devices required to use the rechargeable battery packs. Similarly, customers who make electronic devices that run on rechargeable batteries also require electronic components such as liquid crystal displays or system LSIs.

Equipped with domestic and overseas factories capable of consistent processes from design and development to manufacture, we can promptly handle design/development and OEM supply of assembled batteries just as our customers need them. We continue to use this capability, one of the unique strength generated from the synergies among our segments, to elevate customer satisfaction to new levels.